About Me

First off, thank you for visiting my blog! Let me introduce myself. My name is Aaron Schulman, I’m 24 years old, from Monterey, CA, and am a full time student at The University of Nevada Reno where I am pursuing a major in marketing along with a minor in economics. The game planis to score an e-marketing job in the music industry after I graduate! That being said, I am an avid fan of music and a musician as well. I’d love to learn a few more instruments, but for now I play; guitar, bass, drums, piano, and DJ. Music has been such a strong influence in my life and I honestly could not imagine where I would be right now without it. For me, there is no better outlet other than music and I’d really like the chance to share with you some albums that I thoroughly enjoy. So please give this music a chance, it’s all I ask!

The other topic that I will be writing about in my blog will be on the subject of e-marketing within the music industry. Currently the music industry is in quite the pickle. Record companies are loosing more and more money due to illegal downloads over the internet. Most of these downloads are done using free torrent and P2P software. While I understand that this is a very complex problem, I do believe that it can be somewhat alleviated with revolutionary e-marketing techniques and perfect marketing mixes.

Anyways, please follow my blog! And let’s keep the music ALIVE!

-Aaron M. Schulman

Aaron Schulman



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