2 comments on “The Rehabilitation of the Music Industry: Exit CD, Enter Digital Era

  1. Interesting piece. As an artist just starting out the industry can appear extremely daunting/challenging, when I was growing up the music industry was a completely different place. I’m now realising it is not something to be feared but embraced…change is good out with the old in with the new I say 🙂

    • I think that change is most definitely good for the artist in this case. There are now viable alternatives for music distribution and marketing, you no longer must sign with major labels to get big. It will only get easier for the independent artist to establish a presence for himself in the ever competitive music marketplace! When the time is right make sure to utilize all means of free “marketing” in order to maximize your exposure. AKA Soundcloud, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Official Website, etc. SEO is also key in making sure your website is getting as many hits as possible.

      Hope this was helpful

      Aaron M. Schulman


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